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Conference Rooms

Description of the conference rooms

The 19th century theatre

a jewel of wooden architecture
245 places
14 m x 17 m (off stage 10m x 4m)
6.90 m high
Light show
Audio & control room
Natural light on 2 sides

The Vaudois Salon

Communicating to the Theatre
80 places
14 m x 10.80 m
3.40 to 2.80 m high
Natural light on 1 side

The Bridge Lounge

32 places
6 m x 5.5 m
3.80 m high
natural light

The Lobby TV Room

32 places
8m x 4m
2.60 m high
lobby-hall light

And on top of that:

Bar with 100 seats
Restaurants with 400 and 75 seats
The hotel’s terraces and gardens are added to this list of places that can be privatized on request.