Wellness area

Notre Espace pour votre détente et votre bien-être

Wellness for all

2 saunas for men and women
1 relaxation room with views of the Alps
1 massage area
1 activity room (yoga, gym, etc.) on request

Provided free of charge

Sauna linens
Herbal teas


Relax in the gentle hands of our estheticians and massage therapists, and let your senses take over.

Choose from a wide range of beauty treatments and a range of beauty products using natural ingredients. Fatigue and tension are replaced by a pleasant feeling of well-being and serenity.

For further information:

All the massage techniques available in our spas are designed to enhance beauty and well-being. We do not provide medical, para-medical or therapeutic massages. The term “massage” can also refer to a variety of body sculpting techniques, performed by qualified but non-medical massage therapists.